Return of The Michigan Panthers

One of the most successful football franchises is coming back in 2014.

Michigan Panthers.

Simply one of the best.

The league now has 7 teams and is planning for 8.

Who will be the 8th?



A11FL Spring 2014

The L.A. Express along with other retro USFL names will be back, but it will be under the A11FL Umbrella.

This league will start in the Spring of 2014. The league will show case a few games in April of 2014, but it’s official season starts in the Spring of 2015.


L.A. Express

Bay Area Sea Lions

New Jersey Generals

Chicago Staggs

Tampa Bay Bandits

Dallas Wranglers

Michigan Panthers

We have waited for a new league for years, and it will be ready by Spring of 2014.

Thank You for your patience and loyalty.

Only one city is left for this league to reach 8 teams.

Here are the cities: