USFL 2014


USFL will officially start with 8 teams in 2014.

The cities that are currently being considered are Portland, Ore.; Salt Lake City; San Antonio or Austin, Texas; Columbus or Akron, Ohio; Oklahoma City; Omaha, Neb.; Raleigh/Durham, N.C.; Birmingham, Ala, San Jose/ Los Angeles and Memphis, Tenn.

Will the New USFL bring back retro names?


Let’s make a prediction on future names and cities.

Portland Breakers

L.A. Stars

San Antonio Generals

Columbus Panthers

San Jose Invaders

Oklahoma City Wranglers

Birmingham Stallions

Memphis Showboats

Will they keep the same great colors and logos?  I hope so!

I like it!

For many this was a great league, that should never of died.  We can’t wait for the return.



7 thoughts on “USFL 2014

  1. My favorite USFL teams are Arizona Wranglers, Birmingham Stallions, Memphis Showboats, LA Express, Tampa Bay Badits, and Orlando Renegades.

  2. My Faviorte teams are Tampa Bay Bandits (1983) and Houston Gamblers (1984-’85). I prediction on Future names and Cities. Portland Breakers, Salt Lake City (Utah Stars), San Jose/Omaha Invaders, Akron (OH) Firebirds, Birmingham Stallions, Oklahoma City (Oklahoma Wranglers), Memphis Hound Dogs, Austin,TX (Texas Stampeders). Possiblites; Los Angeles Tremors (Earthquake).

    • I totally miss the old usfl. That was good football! It was a great idea that was doing well. Wouldve gotten better too if not for Trump. If there was ever a chance to get that back, playing during the spring/summer, the world would be right again. Make it happen!!!

  3. The should consider the Iowa (Des Moines) Barnstormers. Anyone who has been to a Hawkeye or Cyclone game knows they LOVE football in Iowa and don’t have a pro team to rally behind. Also very close to the markets of Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, where they also LOVE football and have no pro team. They’d get support.

  4. what about a 16 game schedule between june and september. with 16 teams. and a 8 team playoff. west division. san diego, portland,seattle,los angeles,denver,phoenix,dallas,san antonio. east division. new york,boston,philadelphia,baltimore,charlotte,atlanta,south carolina,and memphis.

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