Unique USFL


For those still breathing, The USFL was truly authentic. Let’s face facts, The NFL is the boss of Pro Football.  There will be no other league to match the dynamics and strength of the NFL.

Football leagues have come and gone. Most were truly insulting.

Do you remember the leagues?




UFL(still alive)

As a career football fan, the leagues above are simply generic. The only one that any authenticity wa the USFL. What did the USFL do different than the others?

Real names, real logos, real players.  Many of the USFL names and logos were better than the NFL.  If the NFL is the standard, the USFL did well.

What were the best?

Los Angeles Express.  Silver and blue with a tad of red.  The “LA’ logo was distinct.  You can’t beat these colors.  Steve Young played for the Express.  To this day, Young looks better in his Express gear than that of  his former teams the Buccaneers and 49ers. There will be ateam from Los Angeles in 2013.  If they can’t use the retro  Express colors, than I hope they can use blue and gold colors in tribute to Los Angeles Rams.

New Jersey Generals.  An outstanding name with great colors.  Red and white with gold was a strong look.  Hershel Walker started with this franchise.  New Jersey finally had its football team. To this day, I think the Generals uniforms are better than the Jets.

Houston Gamblers. Houston adores football.  Jim Kelley was the  quarterback for Houston when they were born.  Silver black and red were the colors.  The Gamblers logo was one of the best ever created.  When comparing this to the then Houston Oilers, the Gamblers blew them clear of the map.  These colors and logos were perfect for football in Houston.

Birmingham Stallions.  Red and gold were the colors.  Joe Cribbs was the starting running back,  This nickname would copied later on by the St Louis NFL group.  When the Cardinals left for Phoenix, the NFL tried to get an expansion franchise back to St. Louis.

What’s the name?  St Louis Stallions.  Although the colors were quite different than the authentic Birmingham Stallions.  Birmingham loved it’s Stallions and was one of the most successful USFL franchises.

I hope these names and colors come back in 2013.

We will see.


One thought on “Unique USFL

  1. Memphis Franchises has 3 professional Football League (WFL,USFL,NFL)
    World Football League’s Memphis Southmen (Grizziles) 1974-‘1975. When WFL folded on October 22, 1975 after Memphis Southmen tried merge to NFL, it failed it because NFL Expanison Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was started played in 1976 Season. USFL’s Memphis Showboats (1984-’85), it folded league in 1987. NFL Expansion Memphis Hound Dogs, it lost by NFL Governor Board Vote. it passed NFL Expansion, Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars, it was started played in 1995 Season Tennessee Oilers (1996-’97), it played in Liberty Bowl Stadium. Tennessee franchise moved to Nashville,Tn and new LP Stadium for Tennessee franchise, it changed nickname Oilers to Titans. it was played in 1998 season. I prediction it will call Memphis Hound Dogs Franchises into new USFL. it will play in 2013.

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