New USFL Los Angeles


Fans in L.A. may have to wait.  The focus has shifted to the Rams returning.  However, St. Louis is not letting them go.  We already confirmed the city of St. Louis will keep offering the Rams everything they need for a complete venue.

For the Rams to leave St louis they will have to reject golden offers from the city.  Lease is up in 2015.  There won’t be an NFL team in L.A. until 2016.

No, the San Diego Chargers are not moving a couple of hours North.  San Diego is intent on keeping the Chargers.  Lease is up in 2014.  Don’t buy L.A. Chargers garb.

No, the Raiders aren’t returning.  Master Mark Davis is staying in Northern California.  Unless he sells the team to investors from L.A. the Raiders are Oakland until the end.  Davis will not sell the Raiders.

L..A. Raider gear has expired.

It’s Los Angeles Rams or bust.  Rams don’t return, the NFL will never occupy Los Angeles.  Bad news for hardcore Ram fans, good news for vintage USFL fans.

The USFL may be the savior of pro football in L.A.

The USFL may cure the desire for pro football in L.A.

The Los Angeles Doctors are prescribing USFL medication for the region.  Dosage unlimited.

USFL must be quite euphoric with the possibility of being the only pro football team to return to L.A.  Southern California is ground zero for some of the greatest franchises ever created.


L.A. Dodgers.  Southern California’s favorite. The Dodgers moving West was one of the greatest moves by a franchise in history.  The Dodgers have shattered attendance records in baseball.  The Dodgers play in one of the oldest venues in baseball.  Yet, it is still the greatest. Prices may have changed,  Dodger Stadium is the same today as it was yesterday.   Vin Scully reigns over all announcers.  If anyone ever proposes to destroy Dodger Stadium in favor of  something else, he should be executed.

L.A. Lakers. Next to the Dodgers, the Lakers leaving Minneapolis was a brilliant move.  The Lakers own the town.  11 plus championships since moving to L.A.  The Hollywood crowd adores the Lakers. Nobody ever questions the fact that this is L.A.’s team.


L.A. Kings. See the 2012 Stanley Cup.  Yes, L.A. loves Hockey.  The Kings may not be number one in ranking, Los Angeles still loves them.

We can fight and haggle all we want on which city is the best.  Los Angeles and Southern California is the greatest place to be.  No question. No doubt.  Every person outside of this region would trade their address for a Southern California one in seconds.  There is no hate for L.A., there is only un-healthy jealousy.

The USFL possibly returning to Southern California is superb.

We can only meditate on what the names will be.

Los Angeles Dons.  One of Los Angeles’s first pro football teams back in the day.  I wouldn’t mind seeing this name return.  Highly doubtful.

Los Angeles Express.  The USFL’s retro L.A. team. The Express had the best uniforms in the league.  Steve Young was the Quarterback.  Could this retro team return in its original state?

Los Angeles Oceans.  You may not find any lakes in Los Angeles, you will find a superior ocean.  The best one in all of the world, the Pacific.  From Pacific Coast Highway to Pacific time Zone.  The Pacific Ocean give L.A. part of its identity.  A football team nickname may be perfect?  Why not?

California’s state colors are blue and Yellow(gold) similar to the retro Ram colors. Maybe the new USFL team can dawn these colors in homage of this great state?

We will see!



4 thoughts on “New USFL Los Angeles

  1. The new USFL is not going to Los Angeles. They’ve already stated that they are targeting smaller markets like Portland (on the West Coast). LA is too big and they’ve proven a few times that they don’t support Pro football.

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