Akron Fire


The USFL Masters have been interviewing several US Cities for future play.   One of them is Akron.



The town made famous by Lebron.  The town made un- famous by Lebron.

Akron is a town of about 250,000.  It has been known for many things.  There hasm’t been pro football in Akron in over 80 years.   Akron loves the pigskin. The only persons that attended a pro football game in Akron, are now in a retirement home.   Akron and the rest of Ohio has suffered.

Just think if Cleveland actually gave Art Modell his new stadium?  What have the old Browns done in Baltimore? One Super Bowl championship with countless number of playoff appearances.

What have the new Browns done?  Nothing.

This is why the NUSFL  in Akron is perfect.  The fans in North East Ohio have had nothing to cheer about.

Fans in Akron will pack any football venue given to the them.  The question is, what will be the name?

Let’s take a look.

Akron Maulers.  The retro Pittsburgh Maulers were a heavy favorite. I like this name, just change the old colors.

Akron Iron.  Why not?   Akron is 100 percent blue-collar to the max.

Akron Blitz.  Take the old Chicago Blitz colors and you have something similar to the states beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.

What is the proposed name as of today?

Akron Fire.

We will see.


9 thoughts on “Akron Fire

  1. Columbus, OH should get the USFL team, not Akron-its really a no brainer. Akron is way too small of a city with no money, plus Columbus has The Ohio State University. They already said they want to target cities with large, rapid college fan bases (not pro) and a local community where players can go after college to play. Nobody in Ohio is going to go to little crappy Akron to watch any team play. Huge mistake if they go there with a team. Akron is really considered a poor, run down old town to Ohioans. And like they said above, Canton is where it all began, not Akron lol. So throw that nonsense out now please

  2. I say they call them the akron aviators. Makes sense there is the airport and the goodyear blimp right next to it.

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