Whats In a Name?


No news yet on the city and team names.

Many speculate.

Many are excited.

Many hope for the return of the retro names.

Let’s make a prediction.

Here is the mock 8.

San Jose Invaders.  Nobody knows this.  San Jose is a great sports town that has only one team.  It’s metro area is just under 3 million.  Some of the Bay Area teams like the 49ers and A’s are discovering the greatness of San Jose.  The USFL is perfect for the Silicon Valley. The 49ers are the home team for this city.  People would flock to watch a San Jose only pro football team.

New Jersey Generals.  This state is losing it’s NBA franchise to Brooklyn.  That leaves the New Jersey Devils.  Adding a pro football team to the area is perfect for this region.  Fans from North and South Jersey could support this team.

Portland Breakers. Portland is another city that has limited sports teams.  Fans are dying for their own football team.  The Breakers could share a venue with the Portland Timbers.

Las Vegas Gamblers. Too easy.  The retro Houston Gamblers had one of the best uniforms and teams in the USFL.  Las Vegas is waiting patiently for a pro team to be born in their area. Houston is in love with the Texans.  The Gamblers could not compete with the NFL Texans.

Akron Fire. This is the only confirmed city and nickname.  I don’t like the name.  Too generic.

Birmingham Stallions. A huge hit.  Birmingham loved it’s Stallions.   Birmingham has been actively trying to get a pro sports team as well.  This team comes back, Alabama will be excited.

Salt Lake City Stars. Why not? Somebody has to move to Salt Lake City.  North Utah is growing fast.  A USFL team is complete for this area.  They have 2 local college teams.  Add a pro team in Utah and it will be epic.

Memphis Panthers. Michigan or Memphis it makes no difference. Memphis has nothing but the Grizzlies.  Let’s go with the retro Panthers.

None of these are official.

We hope for the retro nicknames to return.