USFL 2014 Update


USFL’s home office will be in San Diego.

Teams are not set yet.  When we get the announcement, we will post it.

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7 thoughts on “USFL 2014 Update

  1. I have heard of this new USFL but yet have seen nothing. All I hear is the new USFL will start in 2009 then 2010 then 2011, 2012, 2013 now 2014. When will it start, and what will be the team names? The old USFL was great. The NFL lied and cheated that league. I also believe the old USFL lives on in the NFL. Many rules are in the NFL from the old USFL. However, the new USFL better not destroy the history the old USFL has. I miss the USFL and the NFL one day will pay for what they did to the league. LONG LIVE THE GREAT OLD USFL LEAGUE…

    • To be a success, they have to keep old names AND old logos. They can’t “modernize” them into some if those crappy overly busy modern art types of logos teams get. Also, although wont have NFL talent, don’t call it a “development league” just be what it can be – spring/summer football with best talent they can get – a ton of drafted guys don’t make nfl but are good football players. Just pay slightly more than CFL.

      • I believe the old USFL was feared by the NFL. I was believe there was dirty dealings when the court settlement was only a few dollars after the lawsuit. (God will handle that issue with all involved) I wanted the old USFL to make it, and if not merge with the NFL then become just as strong as the NFL. However, the NFL has taken a lot from the USFL rule-book like a thief. So the USFL does live on in the NFL. There are teams in New Jersey, Jacksonville and a team named the Panthers. So suck it NFL, the USFL beat you hard. They beat you in court, and on the field. Remember dirty people God will take care of your lies and stealing and dirty deeds.

    • i am starting to believe the new USFL is never going to happen. First it was 2009 for the league to start, then 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2014. I wish the powers to be would make up their MINDS. I wish the old USFL would have survived and we be talking about the new NFL. At least the pro football fans of MICHIGAN got a CHAMPIONSHIP from the PANTHERS. So, are you sure the new USFL will open and play…

  2. The (old) USFL WAS “feared” by the NFL, at that time. It’s NOT a coincidence that Arizona, Carolina & Jacksonville got franchises. But, remember, the answer to EVERY question is: MONEY. The NEW USFL can succeed for the same reason the the first one failed: MONEY. ESPN can make that league whereas no one ever did with Arena League(s). It’s just WHO wants to make the money (not owners, but networks). Think “anti-Trump”. There’s a market for everything; what do you think keeps bowling off television, these days? lol

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