Top Ten Retro USFL Names and Logos


With USFL fans waiting patiently for the official announcement of teams and logos, let’s take a look at the retro logos and names.

The top 10 list.

10. Oakland Invaders

9. Memphis Showboats

8. Birmingham Stallions

7. Portland Breakers

6. Tampa Bay Bandits

5. Philadelphia Stars

4. Houston Gamblers

3. Michigan Panthers

2. New Jersey Generals

1. L.A. Express


Target Cities Revelation


The New USFL is slowly revealing it’s plans. The Masters of the NUSFL have been patient. After observing other lower level Football leagues, NUSFL will be ready with an authentic product that won’t be refuted.

Millions of persons in the North America region have waited for a return of this league. Some even have retro items. Of course as I stated before other leagues have come, and they have gone. For good reasons they simply sucked.

USFL Followers were insulted by some of these leagues. These leagues have produced generic names and logos that a person of the age of 3 could have thought of.

This won’t happen with the NUSFL. Even the retro names and logos of the past could compete with the NFL. In fact some of them were stronger.

We can only hope the NUSFL will return these names and logos in a 21st century form.

Excitement is getting stronger for the reurn.

Some of the cities have been revealed as possible venues.

The list:

Akron, Ohio [10]
Austin, Texas
Birmingham, Alabama *
Columbus, Ohio
Dallas, Texas (2014/2015)
Hartford, Connecticut
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Los Angeles, California *
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Memphis, Tennessee *
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma *
Omaha, Nebraska
Portland, Oregon *
Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina[11]
Salt Lake City, Utah
San Antonio, Texas *

Only 8 will be chosen for 2014.

Let the names begin!!!