We will update NUSFL Fans ASAP!


Waiting on the wire, as soon as any NUSFL news is out, you will know. Season is set to start in May 2014.


4 thoughts on “We will update NUSFL Fans ASAP!

  1. The New USFL no longer exits. The original webiste is gone. No one returns emails. It is a paper football league. It only existed on paper there is no real substance to it.

    • New USFL will be folded??? New All-American Football League started in 2007, not it yet started to cancelled,and postponeded 2 times, but decison to AAFL Folded in 2009. I think so Ecominc Budget slowing growth since depression 2008-2011. nobody tried to new football league start to play. and businessman buy new franchsies team in new league. I read Old USFL history, who is founder of Business from New Orleans, it founder of USFL in 1965, it longer to wait start unil 1983, it was started to played. Another Girdon American Football for Spring Season. it plan to play in 2010, but decision to drop and folded. I not know no idea. United Football League ceased operation suspended last fall. many football league in American (Arena Football, Indoor Football, Candian Football League, Semi-Pro Football in America). I know National Football League are strongly to best in interest than all of them. it will no choice to new football league in future. I hope it will best in new football league to strong and new business! Ecominc Fiancial and budget still slowing.

  2. I really hope John Driscoll is wrong. They said that 1 market being considered was Salt Lake City and I live in the suburb, Midvale so I would be totally stoked about having a local team. Plus, as you can tell by my display (and login) name, my blog’s about football, inactive since the Super Bowl but I’ll get around to the re-make.

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