L.A Supreme?


Best uniforms and best USFL player of all time Steve Young!!!

L.A. Express gets the vote for supremacy!


5 thoughts on “L.A Supreme?

  1. As I have said; I miss the old USFL. That league started in the 1960’s when it was just an idea. However, this new USFL has stated start dates which has come and gone. Will it happen? Will the league be as good as the first? The judge, and the NFL along with the jury will answer to GOD for their dirty deeds they gave the first and only real pro football league to challenge the NFL. If that is not the case; why did the NFL adopt a lot the USFL rules. Or, was they’re a merger we the fan’s know nothing about. To all the so called men and women who cheated the USFL out of business; HELL is forever.

    Tom Gilbreath

  2. I remember Old World League of American Football (Minor League) in 1991-1992, WLAF 10 teams: Barcelona (Spain) Dragons, London (England) Monarchs, Frankfurt (Germany) Galaxy, and Montreal Machine. in USA, Sacramento Surge, San Antonio Riders, Orlando Thunder, Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks, and New York-New Jersey Black Knights. Raleigh-Durham Franchise folded in 1991 then New franchise in Columbus, Ohio that Ohio Glory in 1992. WLAF suspended in 1993 and 1994. it changed new league name is NFL Europe League in 1995 season, London Monarchs, Barcelona Dragons, Frankfurt Galaxy, Scottish Claymore (Scotland), Rhein Fire, Amsterdam Admirals, Berlin Thunder, Hamburg Sea Devils, and Cologne Centurions, League it folded in August 2007. in 1960’s and mid-1970’s Minor League (United Football League 1961-1964), (Continental Football League 1965-1969), (Atlantic Coast Football League 1964-1973), and (American Football Association 1978-1982). Major League (American Football League 1960-1969), (World Football League 1974-1975), (United State Football League 1983-1985), and X-etreme Football League (2001).

  3. I remember Old World League of American Football (Minor League) in 1991-1992, WLAF 10 teams: Barcelona (Spain) Dragons, London (England) Monarchs, Frankfurt (Germany), and Montreal Machine. In USA, Sacramento Surge, San Antonio Riders, Orlando Thunder, Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks, New York-New Jersey Black Knights, and Birmingham Fire. Raleigh-Durham Franchise Folded after 1991 season, then new franchises in Columbus, Ohio that called to Ohio Glory in 1992 season. WLAF, it suspended league in 1993 and 1994, it was changed new name is NFL Europe League in 1995 season., teams: London-England Monarchs, Barcelona-Spain Dragons, Frankfurt-Germany Galaxy, Scottish Claymores (Scotland), Rhein Fire (Germany), Amsterdam-Netherland Admirals, Berlin-Germany Thunder, Hamburg-Germany Sea Devils, and Cologne-Germany Centurions. league it folded on August 2007. Minor League in 1960’s and 1970’s and mid-2000’s, United Football League (1961-1964 and 2009-2012), Continental Football League (1965-1969), Atlantic Coast Football League (1964-1973) and American Football Association (1977-1982). Major League: American Football League (1960-1969), World Football League (1974-1975), United State Football League (1983-1985) and X-extreme Football League (2001)

  4. If the new USFL will understand its place as an alternative to slow paced Baseball games and less than interesting stock car racing currently on TV, then the USFL will win a place in the sportsman consumer’s heart. There is enough talent coming out of college that never sees day one in the NFL because of size or school’s elite power status. Mid-spring to early fall season with eventually 16 teams is how this league growing in markets like Columbus Ohio, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Salt Lake City Utah, Portland Oregon, and Louisville Kentucky. It will give of football nuts another season to watch football. Just put a good product out there for the consumer. Football is football, offense, defense, special teams, touchdowns, field goals, interceptions fumbles, passing, rushing and fans going berzerk for the favorite teams. Some of these mid-market cities would not get an NFL franchise otherwise. Let the new league enjoy prosperity and co-exist with the NFL during a different time of the year.

    Just don’t make the same mistake that the first USFL made. Be there for us in the Spring and Summer. NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN time to get onboard!

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